The backdrop of today’s Gospel is Isaiah’s prophecy about the “great light shining in the land of darkness”. In this fascinating oracle we hear Isaiah offering words of consolation to a devastated nation. In 734 B.C. the Assyrians conquered the northern part of Israel, the first to experience the destroying wrath of invaders. This Galilean territory was detached from the kingdom of Israel and made into an Assyrian province. Isaiah, however, knew that God would not forget His people, and so he encouraged those in exile and the remnants in the devastated land to keep their hope alive. He spoke to them of a future liberation as a great light shining in a land of darkness and gloom. Jesus is the fulfillment of that prophecy and He continues to be a shining light in our own world of darkness by His ministry of inviting people to the kingdom of God through repentance. He also chose simple men to be very effective instruments in helping bring about this mission. 

Calling all Young Adults (Ages 20-35)

The Young Adult Ministry Meetings will now occur on the 1st Tuesday and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7pm in the Parish Main Hall.

The January 17, 2017 meeting will be the start of Theology of the Body – Christopher West’s, Freedom to Love Program.

Freedom to Love is a powerful, five-part study based on the Theology of the Body.  It is specifically intended for young adults and college students and is presented by popular author and expert Christopher West.  In it he lays out a convincing and refreshing road map to living a life of authentic freedom and love.  

In this study, you will learn: What the Theology of the Body is and how it can change your life; How to live a life of freedom; What real love looks like; The difference between love and lust; What the problem is with pornography; That contraception does not lead to freedom; That God has a plan for your future; …and much more.
This program has an optional but highly recommended workbook, which will be available for sale for $16.00 at the meeting.

This program is open to all young adults & college students (Ages 20-35). For more information, contact us at


    Multiple revelations of Jesus as God are celebrated in the feast of the Epiphany. First, the angels revealed Jesus to the shepherds. In the Western Church, Epiphany celebrates Jesus’ first appearance to the Gentiles, represented by the Magi. There were three groups that reacted differently to the Epiphany of Christ’s birth. The first group, headed by Herod, tried to eliminate Him; the second group, priests and scribes, ignored Him; and the third group, represented by the shepherds and the Magi, came to adore Him. Today’s gospel reminds us that if God permitted the Magi – foreigners and pagans – to recognize and give Jesus proper respect as King, we should know that there is nothing in our sinful lives that would keep God from bringing us to Jesus. Like the shepherds and Magi, let us come and worship Jesus. Christ enriches those who bring Him their hearts.