Greetings in Christ Jesus Our Lord!
Never has it been more true that we learn so we can learn. The “graduation” literally refers to making the grade. You have been walking up hill. Learning is also work and you have stuck to it. Some parts come easy . . . others not so much!
Your educators have tried to help you to be the best that you can be. Education is really formation. We are being formed as human persons. Being the best that we can be is centred in our person. While our gifts and talents as well as the discipline and effort to apply ourselves give us the knowledge and skills necessary for life and work, it is something far less tangible that is most important.
Have you become a person who values the truth? Have you become more mature in your relationships? What importance do you give to your spiritual life? Are you grateful? Do you listen and give others attention? Who has shown you these things? It is really good to take a little time to remember. This will help you to enter into the next phase of your life grounded – in God’s love and the knowledge that you can approach the world well.
Your parents are probably thinking about how short a time it has been and how soon you will be launching off into the world. Of course they also think they were young not that long ago! They know that this is sacred time. Treasure it yourselves. Make sure that the coming years are ones blessed with love, growing respect and wonderful sense of dignity. God has made each of us to reflect His love in some particular way.
May the Lord bless you this summer and keep you safe, and may God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit grant you the grace to know His love and to act on it every day. Amen.

Fr. Bob

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