Roses for Life Sunday January 28/29

In modern times the family has again come under attack, from all angles it sometimes seems. There are those who insist that the disposal of a living, unborn child should be a “right” of its mother. The elderly and feeble, rather than being revered and respected come under attack due to their “drain” on the economy and lack of “contributing” to society at large. We have, unfortunately, witnessed the rise of a ‘Culture of Death’.
Remember the words of Beatified Pope John Paul II when he said: “By reason of your order’s distinguished record of concern for the poor, the disadvantaged and the unborn in particular, the Knights of Columbus will to be in the forefront of the Church’s efforts to promote a “culture of life”, one which fully respects the spiritual dimension of human existence and the sublime dignity of each individual, created in the image of God and destined for eternal life with Christ.”
We are Pro Life and we maintain we will always be so.