Dearly Beloved,
The crispy cold Canadian weather is here. Tree branches shed its leaves and getting ready for a long sleep. The little creatures go underground to hibernate. Cars are getting its tough winter tires. Jackets, hats and layers are out of the closets. Yes, life altogether is taking its usual but necessary preparatory steps to immerse into winter. In spiritual life as well, we are entering another usual but necessary preparatory season. The season of Advent. A time preparing our hearts to receive the Son of God in Christmas. In the coming weeks, we will be publishing an Advent Calendar to help you to be prepared for Christmas. So, stay tuned. Please note few major events in the coming weeks:

December 1 & 2 Saturday and Sunday Parish Feast Day Celebrations

We are so blessed with a great patron saint St. Francis Xavier who single handily baptized hundreds and brought them to Christ. His zeal and faith we follow. We need to celebrate that faith as a community. Our Feast Day Committee has been working tirelessly for the last few months and has developed a schedule of events which consist of celebrating faith, culture, gratitude and community.

Mass of Remembrance on Saturday.   We encourage all parishioners to come to celebrate our dear ones who have been with us in this community and gone ahead of us for eternal reward. We will be remembering them while we celebrate our faith, culture and community. So please join on Saturday December 1, at the 9.00 a.m. Mass.

Dinner & Dance on Saturday evening:  We will celebrate the joy and strength of our community on Saturday evening at the dinner and dance in our parish hall. Please buy the ticket and support this event.

Solemn Feast Day Mass & Bazaar on Sunday:  The solemn Feast Day Mass will be on Sunday December 2 at 12.00 noon. The main celebrant and homilist will be Rev. Fr. Edwin Gonsalves, Rector of St. Augustine Seminary, Scarborough.  Please note that there will not be a 1.30 Mass on that Sunday to accommodate all festivities. After Mass, there will be a procession with the relic of St. Francis followed by Bazaar.

Saturday December 8, 2000 Hail Mary Devotion: Please join in seeking the intercession of Blessed Mother on the feast day of the Immaculate Conception by praying 2000 Hail Mary. It starts at 8.30 a.m. and finish with 5.00 p.m. Mass. They will be praying 100 Hail Mary for individual intentions. May I encourage every family in our parish to please plan to join this devotion at some time during the day at least for 100 Hail Mary. Let us seek the intercession of our blessed mother for our families and children especially, our church, and our parish community.

May you all have a blessed week.

In Christ,

Fr. James Cherickal, Pastor


Dearly Beloved,
Hope you all had a blessed week and looking forward to another one. I should admit that, it was a blessed week for us as a parish community. Last Sunday when I requested you to sign up to develop an I.T. Team, didn’t expect such a great response. Twenty-six people signed up! You have really surprised me with the generosity of your heart. Thank you and May God bless you. In the coming months, the team will meet and develop their strategies to address our I.T. concerns and needs. I wish them well and assure my prayers to them and their families.
Looking forward to this month’s calendar, there are three major events that I like to call your attention.
  1. The Bible study program: Though published as Bible study, this year we will be looking into the origins of our faith and heroic past. Jesus was not an intellectual idea or a culture to belong. It was a decision for the early Christians often to choose life or death. I welcome all to journey through our heroic past and get inspired.
  2. Youth Trivia Night: In the Need Assessment Survey conducted, many of you have suggested that our Youth Faith Formation is vital. This Trivia Night is to support our Young people and their formation. Please come out and support. It’s on Friday, November 16
  3. Sex Abuse Seminar: Many of the faithful are scandalized, hurt and concerned by the sexual abuse happened in the Church leadership. It is understandable when they express their anger and frustration. Some time we are ashamed and don’t know how to deal with this situation. If you are one of them, I welcome you to come and attend the seminar taking place on Tuesday November 20th at the Parish main hall. 
Wishing all a blessed weekend and week ahead.
In Christ,
Fr. James Cherickal, Pastor 


Dearly Beloved,
This week I would like to place my thanks and appreciation on record for the amazing work you have done for the installation Mass and reception. Under the leadership of our parish secretary Joanita Miranda and celebration Chair Mr. Joseph Remedios all staff, ministries work together and made that a great evening. My heart-felt thanks to all of you. As I jokingly said that evening, with the installation, I have become ‘official’! Now, I must work hard; honeymoon time is over, ha ha ha… Therefore, may I request you once again, your valuable prayers and support to serve the Lord and you – His special and chosen people.
Many positive comments were heard that our Church looks beautiful and well kept; must admit that, it is a team effort especially because of a new staff member Mr. Emmanuel De Paiva who has taken his custodial job very joyful and responsible. The washrooms, halls, offices, the plants, and premises are well taken care of. It’s a lot of work for one person. Therefore, I encourage all ministries and groups always to lend a helping hand by putting things back in order after use. Thank you for your gentle caring support to each other and our parish.
The month of November is dedicated to remembering and praying for our loved ones who have gone before us for eternal reward. Please make use of the book of remembrance and all souls envelopes placed near the altar. They will be remembered in our Masses. Our Solemn Mass of Remembrance, which we used to do in November will be celebrated together with our parish feast on Saturday, December 1. Please check the details in the notice board regarding St. Francis Xavier Feast day Celebration.
I wish you all a blessed week.

In Christ,

Fr. James Cherickal, Pastor