A Word from the Pastor

It is official. We have a third priest coming to join us next Wednesday as an Associate Pastor here at St. Francis. I will introduce him next weekend. We will also have a seminarian from our house of discernment, Serra House, joining us on weekends starting September 27th.

The clergy celebrate the start of school by having a day of golf together. We had a little over 40 priests playing. Some came from the Diocese of Hamilton and others from St. Catharines and even Kingston. The Archbishop and Bishop Hundt joined us for dinner. Quite a few permanent deacons play as well. Fr. Larry Leger (now the Pastor of Holy Family in Bolton) and I organized together for almost ten years. I head down to Hamilton on Monday for their tournament.

This coming week we will have some people coming to set us up for sound engineering our choirs. The goal of this venture is to provide a sound to the whole body of the church that encourages everyone to join in singing. When we sing, as the old aphorism says, we pray twice. Both the sound level and the balance of voices and instruments, I hope, will be such that it is natural to join in. I am specifically looking for people who are not members of choirs as we need you to keep singing. We will need approximately 24 people, two teams of two for each Mass. Once I have the group assembled I will arrange training with a professional sound engineer. If you are interested please give the office a call. I am really hoping that some high school students involved in media programs at the high schools will consider this a possible way to participate and support our worship at the parish.

Take a careful look at the Looking Ahead section. There are some opening year school Masses listed as well as various parish activities that are starting up in the next week or two.

In Christ, Fr. Bob