Dearly Beloved,

January 13, 2018 was a historical day in the life of our parish. Hundreds of faithful lined up day and night in freezing cold weather to get a glimpse of the sacred hand of its patron saint Francis Xavier. They venerated with great awe that same hand which baptized thousands in Goa, Japan and China and other parts of Asia. Indeed, it was a great blessing for the subsequent generation especially from those regions of the world.
St. Francis was born in Navarre (Northern Spain) at the family castle of Xavier on April 7, 1506. He was the third son of the president of the council of the king of Navarre. Francis grew up at Xavier and received his early education there. In 1525 he joined the university of Paris and in 1529 he met Ignatius of Loyola, and eventually followed his path of consecrated vows and became a missionary for Asia.
A great percentage of the parishioners of St. Francis Xavier, Mississauga and our Main Celebrant and homilist for this year’s Feast day Mass Rev. Fr. Edwin Goncalves as well are the direct fruits of his missionary labour. Therefore, it is so fitting to celebrate his memory with great solemnity, devotion and seek his intercession for our missionary responsibilities. I congratulate our parish Feast Day Committee for taking up that responsibility with a sense of mission. Let us come together and continue his mission and zeal in our generation.
We live in a culture and time, where many good souls are misled by attractive ideologies, political correctness and therefore, compromising the truth about Jesus Christ our saviour. It is time for a re-evangelization. Our young families and children need direction. We need committed and informed Catholics with the same missionary zeal of St. Francis. Let us seek his intercession so that we as a parish community form as a beacon of hope to all who seek the Lord.

Wishing you all the blessings of the Feast of our Patron Saint,

Fr. James Cherickal, Pastor