While the pastor’s away I’m going to sneak into his bulletin column.

Since Fr. James is away I can give you a behind the scenes look at rectory life – but only if you keep it between us.

The truth is that the life of a parish priest at FX is free of needless drama; and in fact, is very fraternal.

In the mornings we take turns to open the church for the day.  This gives us each time to be alone with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament before the day begins.

We regularly meet in the kitchen at some point in the morning – have a cup of coffee, chat about the day ahead, and bounce ideas off each other about homilies.  So you know, we each take about a week to fine tune our homilies.  After the prayer reading on the scriptures, these morning chats are the most fruitful in shaping homilies.

Our rectory furnishings, both in the common areas and in our own personal spaces, is modest, functional and warm.

We try to have at least one meal together every day, mostly lunch.  This is a time to relax and to share our day, in a brotherly way.

One of the refreshing things of living in a rectory with other priests – not just here, but in each of the rectories or communities I’ve lived, is the sense of shared lifestyle in celibacy and ministry.  This makes the relationship between priests, monsignors and bishops uncomplicated, brotherly, open and enjoyable.

This year offers a unique experience of rectory life.  Fr James is in his 30th year as a priest, I’ve been a priest for seven years and was a Religious for ten, but this is Fr Joao’s first year as a priest, his first rectory experience as a brother priest.  It’s a privilege to be part of this unique milestone in a priest’s life.  And, moreover… we’re all getting along!

Maybe you had wanted some more gossip! But in reality, the three of us live balanced and happy lives as priests.  It’s great to be a priest!

On second thought, you can share this with Fr. James.

Fr. Jim