My Dear Parishioners,
These are the Washroom Updates:
  • Completed demolition; work in progress.
  • All old fixtures, rusted studs, pipes replaced.
  • New LED lights installed.
  • Plumbing works in progress.
  • New drywall installed.

Where is St. Jude?
This was a question. I heard repeatedly in the hallway for the last few weeks. During the Christmas season, in order to accommodate the Nativity Scene, we have re-located the Saint’s statues in the hallway. Many parishioners complimented positively about the new arrangement as if it were permanent. Those conversations helped us to develop a creative plan to house the Saints. It is suggested that we create a more dignified wooden sanctuary cases in the hallway for individual statues. It will allow people more personal prayer time without being cluttered. We have a gifted carpenter who is willing to donate his artistic carpentry skills, but we need to provide the building materials. This may be a time to add one or two Canadian Saints as well in our church.
Would you consider helping us to build these wooden sanctuaries for saints? Would you like to dedicate saint sanctuary for some one special in your life?  If the answer is Yes, kindly give me a call to discuss more.
Going back to your original question: Where is St. Jude? We have saved him from the clutter for the time being. We hope we can bring him back soon as we get the support to develop these sanctuaries.
Please remember all our building committee and renovation crew in your prayers.

Fr. James Cherickal, Pastor