(Family Gather together where Bible is going to be enthroned)
Optional Hymn
Glory and praise to our God,
who alone gives light to our days.
Many are the blessings he bears
to those who trust in his ways.

 We, the daughters and sons of him
who built the valleys and plains,
praise the wonders our God has done
in ev’ry heart that sings.

In his wisdom he strengthens us,
like gold that’s tested in fire.
Though the power of sin prevails,
our God is there to save. Refrain
Opening prayer:
Lord Jesus, today we enthrone you. We proclaim you are King. Rule over our family, your obedient subjects. Be our shield and protector against Satan, our archenemy. We raise our praises and our thanks to you our King and God. And as we worship build a throne. As our parish worships build a throne. As our family worships build a throne. Come Lord Jesus, take possession of our home.
READING: Isaiah 55: 10-11; GOSPEL: John 8:12
(After the Bible Readings, the head of the family officially enthrone the Bible)
Response: Lord we praise You and glorify Your Name.
- Lord Jesus accept our family's offering. Bless this home where we enthrone you in your Word for the praise and glory of your Name, we pray.
- Lord Jesus, may You be a true King, Brother and Friend of the members of our family and all of us present, we pray.
- Lord Jesus, keep us always under the protection of your holy mantle, we pray.
- Lord Jesus, guide and inspire us to do the Father's will in our everyday life, we pray
- Lord Jesus, may You keep us always under protection of Your holy mantle, we pray.
- Lord Jesus, may You keep our hearts burning with love for You and fill our hearts with zeal to spread Your kingdom in the world by doing good and giving service to others, we pray.
- Lord Jesus, may this Bible we enthrone be our guard and protection against the onslaught and powers of Satan and all evil spirits, we pray.
- Lord we now present our individual personal intentions in silence as we pray.
Let us pray:
“Speak, Lord, your servants are listening. Incline our hearts to the words of your mouth. May your word descend as the dew in the morning. Lord, let not Moses speak to us or one of the prophets. Rather it should be you, yourself, Lord our God, you who inspire and enlighten all prophets.
in the words of the prophet Samuel, we pray: “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.” Lord, the prophets speak beautiful words but if you keep silent, they cannot kindle the heart. They make their word resound but they cannot impart the spirit. They proclaim the commandments; you help us to observe them. They point out the way, but you give us the strength to walk it. They reach us from outside, but you instruct and enlighten our hearts. Speak therefore, Lord, your servants are listening. For you have the words of eternal life. All glory and honour are yours forever. Amen.