..… for parishioners is through a new online credit card giving program called ‘DONATE NOW’, administered by the Archdiocese of Toronto, wherein you can set up a monthly donation on your Cedit Card. >> click on the Donate Now icon or follow the steps below
1. Go 
2. Click on the red button “DONATE NOW”
3. Click on “CLICK HERE TO DONATE” under the section “Our Parish”;
4. On the page with the heading, “WHERE IS YOUR PARISH?” click on “PEEL REGION”;
5. Look for “St. Francis Xavier” from the list of parishes;
6. Fill out the necessary information;
7. Click on “DONATE NOW”.

At the end of the month the Archdiocese will send the full amount to the parish. The Archdiocese will also send you a tax receipt for your donation.