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Baptism: The Sacrament of Baptism is celebrated monthly in the parish. Please complete and submit a Request for Baptism form available from the office and allow two months. Baptism of your child should not be delayed and a reasonable age is three months.

Marriage: Please contact the parish office at least a year in advance before the proposed wedding date.  You should refrain from setting the wedding date before meeting the priest.

Are you Getting Married Overseas?
A significant number of requests come to the parish by people seeking to be married outside of the Archdiocese of Toronto, some in very far away places.
Most of these situations involve what may seem like complicated aspects of Church law. As the number of marriages here at the parish has more than doubled in the last year, it is becoming much more important that people with the expectation of being married elsewhere approach one of the priests here in the parish much earlier.
If both bride and groom reside in the Archdiocese of Toronto, then only the Archbishop of Toronto has the power to authorize their marriage and they are bound by the local legislation of the Archbishop to approach the priest at least one year in advance of the marriage.
The reason for most of the laws concerning marriage is to ensure that every couple is properly prepared for marriage.
It is also very beneficial if the priest doing the preparation has continued contact with the couple after marriage, so that the sacramental bond may be supported well.
There are many other questions and, of course, many circumstances. Your priests are working hard to respond as best we can. Please remember that there are now many other couples who are also looking for that support. A more detailed explanation of relevant Church law will be posted soon on our website..